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May 5, 2007
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More development for this stretch of Yonge street, i guess they may be able to fit a 15s-20s structure here?

Ward 27 - Tor & E.York District

Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units----
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 16 118667 STE 27 OZ Feb 19, 2016 Application Received
I believe this site is designated heritage. Safe to assume the facades would be restored and the white paint blasted off?
I can't imagine how they'll fit anything on this site. The 25m tower separation distance seems like it would kill the development potential of this site.
No Parking here:)

Ward 27 - Tor & E.York District

Residential/mixed-use redevelopment that will include the retention and re-use of the 3-storey heritage building fronting on Yonge Street and additional at-grade retail along Asquith Avenue,A total gross floor area (GFA) of 23,636 square metres is proposed, of which 188 square metres shall be new non-residential area and 132 square metres shall be retained GFA, for a total of 320 square metres of non-residential GFA. The resulting density is 24.8 times the area of the lot. The plan envisages a total of 322 residential units. A single level is proposed below grade, and will contain bicycle parking spaces and garbage/storage rooms, with opportunities for a future connection the pedestrian walkway network.
Proposed Use --- # of Storeys --- # of Units ---
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Rezoning 16 118667 STE 27 OZ Feb 19, 2016 Under Review
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322 units, that makes me think something along the lines of 28/29 storeys.
I'm looking forward to this one, the lot is tiny with essentially no space for any sort of significant distance between this tower and the building to the south. I really don't know what to predict here. The only thing I think planning would like would be a super skinny building right up against Asquith, but the unit count seems to suggest otherwise.
But this is small space being 24.8 times the area of the going to say, 40+ storeys here
Ah my bad, I hovered over the neighbouring property when I did a little calculation check.
On the other hand, do like seeing more of these single-property developments. It forces the developer to be a little more creative within the site, and not seeing these big blocky podiums taking up several properties.
There are a number of ways this could go.

Despite what the City's AIC says, it can't be 771 alone since that property includes 769 and 773 as well (totaling +/- 756sm). Given that the listed GFA is 23,636sm, you can't achieve an FSI of 24.8; it comes closer to 31.2. When both 767 and 765 are included, the FSI goes down to 18.6. It seems, therefore, that it includes 767 but not 765 (resulting in an FSI of +/-24.59). If we triple the lot area for a podium (+/- 961sm x 3 = 2883sm) and subtract from the total GFA, you end up with +/- 20,753sm for the tower alone. Divide that by a few hypothetical floor plates (750sm for regular efficiency and tall building guidelines, 539 for a reduced size covering only 769 to 773, etc) you find that the numbers come between 27 and 38 floors. Discount the silly ones (eg. a full 750sm) and you can safely assume that you'll be getting between 34 and 38 floors for the tower and 37-41 for the total structure here.

I too love tiny little floorplates @G.L.17 since they keep the rhythm and cadence of the street intact while piling on huge amounts of density above. It's why parts of Mid-Levels and Mong Kok are my favourite in the world.
The entire lot is something like 30m wide according to google maps. With no chance of meeting the tower separation guidelines, I'm guessing we'll see a giant party wall going up. The folks in the Bay tower will be none too pleased.