Because the local Councillor produced the Broadview avenue study to try and limit development on this stretch as much as possible. Little makes me angrier about development in this city than what is going on along Broadview north of Danforth.

It also isn't surprising as this is an existing OMB appeal - the developer never expected to get approval from the city. A refusal report from city staff is just ammunition in the OMB appeal.

OMG how did I just find this blog! I live in the area and couldn't agree with you more! 6 storeys is ridiclous for this corridor that is so well served by transit and highways and parks! It's no wonder nothing is happening on this stretch!
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This notice was posted on the development proposal sign a few weeks ago. There’s been no activity on the site since Whistler’s was demolished (from what I’ve seen).

What a shame. I really hope whoever eventually picks up this site can still go with the design concept by Quadrangle, although that's not always a given.
Now it's just an ugly empty lot. Thanks foreign investors!

Given the traffic and other concerns, I doubt this will be developed for years, if not decades
A settlement between the City and proponents here will come to light shortly.

City staff brought it up in the consultation meeting for the Kilmer site down the street.

Kilmer, this and another parcel to the north were the three sites that appealed the original Broadview 'Avenue' study.

The City and the owners of this site have come to terms.