This would be Tridel. I hate to say this but, feels very conceptual. West 57th would be the valued engineered version of this.
The most pressing question, for me, is whether the builders are really planning to relocate the CN Tower north of the financial district:

Not gonna happen if it will cast a shadow onto Jesse Ketchum Park.
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The ground level views look pretty good too.

The (above) article discusses biomimetic architecture. Seems a little out there, but hey, at least the building/concept looks great. (Interesting discussion of their design evolution too).

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All those pics (and some slightly larger versions of them) are in the dataBase file.

If my liking every positive thing said about this project didn't get my point across - This is gorgeous. Approve it and stick a shovel in it. please
I like the wood on the underside of the terrace overhangs. I wish this was a trend, it adds a lot of warmth to the building.
Interesting to see the similarities in design language between this and BIG's King Street West project -- both are made up of stacked cubic forms rotated 45 degrees, both vaguely organic in their massing. The wood in this project also reminds me of BIG's use of wood in the terraces on the Mountain.
So, this is going to disappoint some, but you're going to need to adjust your expectations for this site. We have just received this note from Tridel and Hines:

Toronto, March 14, 2016-- Images of the proposed new phase of Bayside Toronto released this weekend by ODA New York, and published in several online media outlets, do not reflect the intentions of the project’s developers, Hines and Tridel.

Details of the next phase of Bayside Toronto will be publicly released, by the developers, on April 13th when they are submitted for consideration by the Waterfront Toronto Design Review Panel. Any images, or design details released by any party, prior to April 13th, should not be considered official and do not accurately reflect the intention of the developers or key stakeholders.

Hines and Tridel look forward to providing their official vision for the site, including the selection of architect, images and development details to members of the Waterfront Design Review Panel, and the general public, at the April 13th meeting.

Michael Gross

Jim Ritchie
Who knows what this phase will be like, but you'll have to wait for April 13.

Wouldn't be shocked if it's something more along the lines of what's in the background of that rendering... except with more spandrel glass (it's Tridel after all).
That was obvious. No, nothing to do with it being too good for Toronto. Just didn't make a whole lot of sense as a functional structure.

Nice of them to clear it up.