I've always loved the sort of futuristic sci-fi feel of the namesake atriums. Echoing the desire to see them maintained and not altered or removed altogether in some misguided attempt to modernize.
Yet another building that should be left alone, but I digress this is Toronto. Literally nothing is safe except for Queen's Park.
If they plan to preserve the atrium (and barring any flight path issues) that's probably the best place to stick it.
Not a bad idea (though false window from L4 to L18 facing the sign? *tsk tsk*) - but it's smack in the portion of the site that is under the flight path for SickKids.

Also the corner is a perfect place for a TTC entrance - better if it didn't have to be routed through a retail unit for off hours access.

Well @Northern Light shut me up pretty quick, this is fronting the Yonge side of the Atrium.

If the plan is to keep the Atrium intact, and have this tower adjacent to it than im all for it. I love the tower design, and the podium on first glance looks pretty good and by default is miles better than what currently exist on street level.

What I hate about this plan is the excssively high number of bachelor/1-bedrooms. 75%??? I realize this is student central, but the last thing this tower needs is to have mass amounts of turnover. The 48 convertible units, should most definitely be converted as a mandatory start.

This will also have interesting implications for Yonge-Dundas square, it will front the square directly and im sure the complaints about the signage being too bright would start up immediately from any resident living here.

Also improving the dreadful connection to Dundas station from this corner is always a positive, especially since the present connections to get there are pretty awful.
Renderings barely show it, but it looks like there's a hefty cantilever on the south side. I quite like this.
Renderings barely show it, but it looks like there's a hefty cantilever on the south side. I quite like this.

I wish they could just take down that ugly sign for good and build a slabbier residential tower atop more of the site - instead of having to resort to gimmicky cantilevers while retaining that eyesore; if they must, work a new sign into the tower.

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A quick note.

Obviously, I posted several renders from the Arch. Plans.

But often, there's more good stuff in the Planning Rationale Report............

This time, however, it appears someone at Bousfields forgot to proof-read:


This is what all the pictures look like in their report!
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