F45 should now be open. Next to open, Creeds. I wonder what will fill the remaining space?
F45 is still "Opening soon"? There are signs with balloons...is the official opening date posted there maybe?? Logic suggests so.
Yeah, it turned out a lot of better than i expected. I guess Tridel really kept the spirit of Teeple with this one.
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The lighting on the southeast corner where the main condo entrance is located, is too bright IMO. The extent of it may not be fully captured in this photo, but IRL I think it could be a hazard for drivers.

I'm usually an "ohh suck it up" kinda guy on these things, but I was nearly blinded by this driving home last night. It needs to be turned down by literally 50%.
Sidenote, an additional tenant will be a dental office, with a coming soon sign now up.
Why does the area need yet another dental office? Unless someone is moving...??
& What does Annex dental (across the street) think of this?? lol
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