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That was one of the very few things I saw last night that I wish were permanent.

The City owns the bridge now, not Concord Adex, so any pleading to consider this as a permanent piece should be sent to Adam Vaughan.

Metrolinx was consulted, by the way: there were no reds or greens programmed in the lights, so GO Train drivers would not be confused that a light show on a bridge was their go or stop signals.



Here is also a quick Youtube upload of the bridge


Photogenic bridge


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Welcome to the party, Ben. Glad to see you here.

Great pictures of what was an unbelievable display. Unfortunately it didn't look like it could stand up to the elements if left there for a prolonged period of time.
^ How do other cities overcome that? And while we're on the topic, do you know anything about the electrification of trains in the Union area? If there are plans to do so, how likely is it that they'll be done before the end of the decade?
Dec 16, 2021