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Aug 8, 2009
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Shiu Pong recently purchased the SE Corner of Huron/College. It seems to be about third of an Acre and currently has a freestanding building consisting of storefronts and apartments.

Don't know if the building is historical.

Interesting to see a proposal
I remember hearing rumours about a potential development here. This site features a fair bit of build-able space including the parking space surrounding it. I'm kind of on the fence here, the existing building is a decent Victorian apartment block with retail space. Shiu Pong's portfolio of past projects has also been pretty inconsistent. Hopefully any future proposal here would resemble more Maxus than Lotus.
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the existing building has a really cool archway in the back that leads into a courtyard for horses or whatever. it's where the pita pit keeps it trash now. they'll have to keep it, its too good.
According to the city's heritage property inventory, this building is not listed or designated.
While the College St frontage could use some sprucing up, it's buildings like these that make a city interesting. What happens when we have none left.
Here it is in 1925.

^Interesting. I wish I'd talked to my grandma about Toronto at this time. (She was a UofT student then so likely hung around the 'hood.)

re: Shiu Pong: Noticed their HQ is at Spadina & Baldwin. Wonder if they'll redevelop that site next?
^ Would love to see building concepts like 250 Bowery lining Spadina (b/w Dundas & College). Clean and attractive contemporary design with references to the classic brick warehouses south of Queen. My ideal form of urbanism.
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Thanks for the excellent shots AlbertC!