BDP is on the retail component here - and they know how to do retail. They are the architects for the Well's retail component. At the very least it should function well. I expect everything above the second floor to look more like typical Mississauga crap though.

That PoC will look fantastic from this point of view..
Which ones? From the renderings of exchange district, I think I saw 1 small tower on the blue circle on far right.

I know tempo condos are to the bottom right of the big blue middle circle. It looks like there is a thin black perimeter going around the site.

And I'm not sure what's there on the left most blue circle.
I believe oxford owns that, I imagine they will develop it soon enough

Oxford teamed up with Daniels to build on the land behind Sheridan College so they may do something similar here.
I found an old what-if render of the SQ1 parking lots...


Behind Sheridan College

Most tourist areas are hyped-up including the Spanish Steps. I was there and I walked right by it. Actually, it was quite disappointing and, unfortunately, the only memory I have of it are the Mafia run rose peddlers.

This video might be helpful re: the raised courtyard but somehow I doubt it ;}

But if it were up to me I will just build a massive world-class Home Depot instead.

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Shouldn't they looking to Winnipeg for inspiration?
Does anyone know if there will be any condos on these areas:
View attachment 223823
Both sites have been approved years ago for construction along with the lands at the corner, but the developers are sitting on them. 180-190 Webb Dr (Baif Developments Ltd, 18s + 5s + 3s Townhouse, Kirkor Architects & Planners) on the south side and 181-191 Webb Dr (Baif Developments Ltd, 35s + 35s, Kirkor Architects & Planners) on the north side. I stand to be corrected, but all that land is own by Baif Developments Ltd to the point they were about to setup a sales office on the corner a few years ago. Everything could be on hold until the water and sewer lines are in place.

Webb Dr is to be extended to Kariya Dr, but don't know when. Looks like it will happen after water and sewer line are built this year to the point the school yard entrances are close now and only gain access to it at the east end.

At the rate of things going on in this area, wouldn't be surprise to see the Sussex Centre Block get redevelop in the next decade or 2. It having issues staying full along with the retail there.

So far the Exchange has 60s + 42s + 72s +? with the first 2 sold out.
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