Whoah! could be the scoop of the decade, golodhendil!!
these are really cool looking though i highly doubt they'll ever be built. these are huge for this spot. look good there actually but not getting excitted just yet.

Looking at the base of the towers, they appear to be rising from a block north of the Metro Hall buildings, which would put these structures on the north side of Pearl Street. This suggests that the Princess of Wales Theatre is safe.
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There is simply no way that the theatre is in any danger. We are talking 'Mirvish' here, right?
the video also shows glimpses of its cladding... looking similar to Gehry tower new york. hope they do go with a crazy cladding like that. be very interesting here in toronto.
I'd like to see these in Toronto, but not where they are proposed.

My vision for the entertainment district doesn't align with demolishing 4 whole blocks of mid-rise heritage buildings.

This area needs very little work to be turned into a world class human-scaled walkable area.This proposal would make sense in a parking lot in Liberty Village, where they'd create a destination and help expand the core. Putting them on King and Pearl would be terribly planning.

Do we really want to get rid of all this?

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The model does show a street running north-south between the middle and eastern towers, and it looks like Duncan St. - Mirvish Way. So it would be part or all of one block plus part of another.
The screenshots I took generally make it look like the complex starts at the corner of King and John, across from TIFF and goes east from there. Maybe Gehry would re-wrap the Princess of Wales.
But one screenshot shows the westernmost building nearly jammed up against the wall of building beside it - which could be yet-unstarted Pinnacle tower. So here's to guessing until we get more info.

I think this is very exciting. If only the planners of Southcore had been this bold while figuring out what to do with the York-Bay-Harbour-Gardiner plot.
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Lol, some parking lot in Liberty Village, that crazy...somewhere else in the CBD core i agree, but Mirvish and Gehry @ Liberty Village is not going to happen:D
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Lol, some parking lot in Liberty Village, that crazy...somewhere else in the CBD core i agree, but Mirvish and Gehry @ Liberty Village is not going to happen:D

No it's not. Toronto has a very dense core that will just become denser in the future. The benefits that this much density would bring to the area are completely negligible. The benefits of increased density in Toronto outside the core would be tremendous on the other hand.
Ok this all all very preliminary but a little while ago (June 20) someone on SSP mentioned potential supertalls:


Other than the LOL part where they guy says he is designing one of the towers and is on SSP looking for suggestions, he mentions:

There are some supertalls in the early planning stage. So here's what I got:

There are rumors about a 340-350 metre tower between yonge and freeland streets just north of the Toronto Star Building.

A 320 metre tower on adelaide between john and duncan streets, also south of nelson street.

Could the 320m be in reference to this possible Mirvish/Gehry proposal? Now later in the thread Ramako discussed height limits as per the city plan (157 meters?) but I thought I'd just pass this along anyway.
Private video now! Good job you got the screen shots :D Frank Gehry is in his mid 80s this would be amazing if Toronto could get not one but 3 skyscrapers by Gehry! This would probably be the last time we'll see a Gehry project in Canada. I hope this turns out to be true!