I think this design will still be good. It's Gehry after all and this block will be amazing with one of the best existing buildings in the entertainment district surrounded by two world class supertalls.

I am a little sad about the height decrease here tho. I would've liked two supertalls out of this development.
Wereya itching to back hand me thar . I suppose your correct. If the comment was taken as is. But read back a little
I wonder if the building will have the same kind of texture that's on the Gehry designed tower in New York. I really love that.
"Ok, so we're just doing all curtainwall for this version?"

"Yeah but tack on some scrunchy little bits of tinfoil and paper."
I suspect it will cost less to build than the last design, for right or wrong. It will still be expensive though.
There are a number of very significant changes that have occurred since the current vs the last design proposal. Most significantly is the hotel component. This has a massive impact on both internal design elements within the programing of the structure and the external architectural expression. Most importantly, this programming shift within the project has massive implications on the anticipated revenue and fianicial viability risks for moving the project forward. I certainty share and understand voices that aren't particularly happy with the architectural & material direction change and the drop in height... which could otherwise be expressed as a drop in ambition.

Other not so publically apparent changes have also occurred in the near decade long history of this project. It has not been articulated in this project thread, but Great Gulf acquired the site under the leadership of then President Christopher Wein who is no longer with Great Gulf. Individuals within companies matter when it comes to excuting specific visions. Great Gulf continues to have a very strong leadership team, but the people whom initially acquired the project with a particular outcome in mind have moved on.

The other major factor that seems to have eluded discussion in this project thread (and many others) is COVID-19. The cold hard facts are that the condo market in downtown Toronto has taken a very very hard hit. While there is confidence in a future rebound, project $PSF revenue forecasts in 2021/22 are very different then a couple of years ago and a five star hotel partnership is a very different kind of discussion today vs a couple of years ago. The ground has shifted. This project still has the opportunity to move forward and be realized, but the economic underpinnings are vastly different in January 2021 then they were in January 2019.