Does anyone know what's the size of building and height they could build on this property or properties involved? I'm just curious.

UPDATE (March 28, 11:40 AM ET): Crocodile Rock has confirmed that the beloved Toronto bar will not be closing down any time soon. In a statement to Narcity, Crocodile Rock says that the rumours of the shut down are simply not true. "We have been cleared by Toronto Health and we have recently signed a 10-year lease. We are not going anywhere," they said.
Expect to see a whole lot more of this in the next few months. The restaurant and club industry is going to be completely and utterly decimated.
Charles Khabouth's businesses are going to take a massive hit no doubt. Also curious to see what will happen to the Copacabana chain, whose owner is also behind that recent ambitious Niagara Falls proposal.
The assembly in question, outlined in white: (from google)

This is based on the Tweet identifying that this includes the Copa Cabana property. No other properties were named, I have assumed it includes all properties in between those 2.


11,000ft2 floor plate

Buildings in question, from Streetview:


None of these properties are listed or designated in heritage register.

Though, the Burrito Boyz property at 224, immediately to the east is listed.
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Shocking it survived this long, I suppose.

For all the concern about covid slowing development, I think this parcel is a case of it speeding it. Those clubs / restaurants were going strong before the pandemic, and I think redevelopment was inevitable eventually, but no one was in a hurry when the properties were still profitable in their current form.
Ward 10: Spadina-Fort York

Development Applications

Project description:
Proposal for a 68-storey mixed-use building having a non-residential gross floor area of 2336.90 square metres and a residential gross floor area of 40,066.30 square metres. A total of 637 residential dwelling units are proposed.