Sorry I missed the meeting. 8 stories too high? A decade or two down the road I imagine those protests will seem rather quaint. The streetcar barns at Russell Yard and the gigantic mail sorting facility directly to the south on Eastern won't be there forever and I expect that what will eventually go into those two sizeable parcels of land will be a mix of mid-rise residential and retail, with significant density.

If anything, this project will bring more vitality to the immediate area - more people means more need for shops and amenities. Seems like the opponents to the project are not being realistic - Queen East is a major arterial and building it up is entirely in keeping with the city's growth plans. If the proposed downtown relief line has a station at Carlaw or Pape, this area will be even more prone to development.
I agree with you Lenser, I think this would be very positive for that neighbourhood.
Councillor Fletcher tweeted yesterday:
"My joint motion with [Councillor McMahon] to create Urban Design Guidelines for Queen from Leslie to Coxwell passed today at Community Council"
What does that mean, exactly? What does Fletcher want for the area? Sounds pretty non-commital thus far.

I suspect the group opposing this is the vocal minority. Most locals I've talked to about the project view it positively. Pretty loose and anecdotal, I know.

Perhaps there will be a bit of horse-trading and compromising going on before this thing goes ahead; a couple of floors get lopped off or a smaller footprint. But in the main, I'd be very surprised if it doesn't go ahead. It's going to be a substantial addition to the street.

City of Toronto Planning is holding its Community Consultation on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at S. H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre, 56 Woodfield Road. The purpose of the meeting is to provide residents with an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the City on the application made by Rockport Group to develop 1327 - 1339 Queen Street East.

This is our opportunity to tell the City of Toronto Planning what our concerns are with this development.

Please plan to attend! Pro-Development people needed.
Was by the site today and a 8s building would look out of place if the developer doesn't buy the last 2 houses to the east as well that mess on the corner. In fact, if they go after the building to west, then you have 100% of the block alone Queen to go after 8. I would agree that a set back would work better there than a shear face building.

That is a nice old tree that will have to come down for this development.

The local residents need to take a good look at this area within 3 blocks of both direction for this development to see they are barking up the wrong tree.

There is a Community Consultation tonight (June 24) regarding the proposed condo development at the S.H. Armstrong Community Center (56 Woodfield Rd, M4L 2W6). The meeting runs from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Be there!
There's a meeting on March 30 to organize opposition to the project:

After the earlier meetings, the developer presented a revised plan to address concerns by breaking up the front of the building into a bunch of fake building facades. It looked like miserable 90s PoMo, sort of like the Yonge facades on the Eaton Centre.

The problem seems like a lack of imagination (esp in light of what's been proposed on the Honest Ed's site and it's overall reception). If they gave up the townhouses, rotated the project 90 degrees to have two, 6-storey buildings with a gated, interior courtyard running between them and visible from the street, it would break up the mass and the courtyard would provide something interesting for pedestrians to look at. The layout of the courtyard in the current plan isn't very appealing.

The residents should push for better on this one. A lot of development is going to come to Queen E and it's a good time to set expectations.
That community meeting is to prepare for a presentation to the OMB, as this project has been appealed to it based on the City's failure to make a decision on the application within the time required. No OMB hearing or even pre-hearing dates have been posted yet though, so likely some talks are continuing behind the scenes at the City.

This is the kind of scaremongering the locals are posting on social media about the project

I'm not sure - I saw it posted in the Leslieville Facebook group