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Came across this: http://greybrook.com/realty/west-mrkt-friends-family-event/
The new project sounds like it'll be called "West MRKT"?

According to the illustration in the "New Residential Phase launching May 2017" here (http://www.lowerjct.com), it appears that it will be located on the East side of Sterling road, across from the Museum FLTS/Automotive Building.

The illustration is obviously highly stylized, but if it's even slightly accurate to what the actual architectural design is like it looks like it could be quite interesting, with the multiple step backs and cantilevered portions.



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Here is something new being proposed there

Ward 09 - Tor & E.York District

Site Plan Approval application for a proposed 17-storey mixed-use building comprised of 2720 m² of non-residential gross floor area and 243 residential dwelling units. Two levels of below grade parking providing 84 parking spaces will be provided on the lot.
Proposed Use ---​
# of Storeys ---​
# of Units ---​
Date Submitted​
Site Plan Approval​
20 115056 STE 09 SA​
Feb 12, 2020​
Under Review​
This isn’t too bad. It would be a lot more successful by removing the Juliet balconies and replacing them with as many operable windows as possible, and reducing the amount of mullions everywhere. The warehouse motif just doesn’t work if you can’t keep your mullions to a rigid grid.
Marlin Spring, Hines to build office, condos in Junction Triangle

Steve McLean

Residential Feb. 25, 2020

Hines became involved and plans to build six- and eight-storey, timber-frame office buildings connected by a third-floor skybridge on plots of land it acquired on the southern portion of the Junction Triangle site.

Marlin Spring announced last week it has acquired the empty Blocks 4B, 3B and 5B, comprising 2.8 acres on the site, from Castlepoint Numa for an undisclosed price. It has submitted a site plan application for 4B, the first block it plans to develop.

While it’s still early, Lopes said the first building is proposed to have a split height, 17 storeys on the eastern part of the lot and 14 storeys along Sterling Road. It’s planned to have more than 200 condominium units and two floors of retail on the Sterling Road portion.

Lopes would like to launch sales by the end of the year, but it could move into 2021, depending on how long it takes to obtain site plan approval.

Infrastructure, daycare and affordable housing

Before construction can start on the condo and office buildings, however, Marlin Spring and Hines must first make significant progress on public infrastructure requirements.

“Together with Hines, there are a number of items we need to deliver, including the realignment of Perth Street, a public park on the north end of the site, the design and construction of privately owned but publicly accessible space, and a private street that goes through non-residential and residential lands,” said Lopes.

Marlin Spring has future plans to also build condos on 3B and 5B, to the west of 4B. The company’s website lists the size of its total condo development at the site at 646 units and 537,000 square feet, but things could change.

There’s also a requirement to build a daycare facility and 6,000 square feet of affordable housing.

“Each block delivers a public benefit to the city,” said Lopes. “The first block will deliver the park and the roads.

:The second block would likely deliver the daycare and then the last block would deliver the affordable housing.”

Marlin Spring was attracted to the Junction Triangle site due to its easy access to Toronto Transit Commission subway, GO Transit and Union Pearson Express stops, the West Toronto Railpath, High Park, and nearby neighbourhoods offering retail and entertainment options.

Lopes also likes the “entrepreneurial artist community that has established itself in the area” and the chance to be part of developing “a true mixed-use community” which, when complete, will feature more than one million square feet of residential, retail, office, commercial and public space.
Marlin Spring is single-handely going to wreck Hines' promising development proposal.