April 12
Lot more up on site with more to come

You will notice the new taller hydro poles installed and waiting for lines from the old ones to be moved to them before removing the old one

Matheson to Bristol for the first of 4 curbs in the centre

Matheson Platform receiving tracks






April 16
Took a trip to ;look at a number of areas today and saw a few surprises.

Only a small section of the northbound centre curb to be pour south of Matheson. This for the 2 blocks that were ready for the 2 centre curbs on Wednesday.

The east side of the 401 overpass is basely done and waiting for railing to be install. Once done, northbound traffic can be shifted back to their normal lanes. This will allow work to start on the guideway area. Started to work on getting the curb place from the overpass to .

Prologis Blvd/Annagem Blvd intersection was closed April 11 to May 8 for the guideway work like the other completed intersection. Looking at the intersection, not much has been done so far, but what got me was the count down clock for pedestrians crossing Hurontario. I haven't seen this at other closures I have seen so far, but there is 90 seconds for that count down clock when most cases you lucky to see 60.

Courtneypark intersection has seen it share of accidents since reopening as there is glass and bodywork all over the place.

Walking back to the car from Courtneypark on the east side, another surprise was seeing sidewalk street lights either on the street light poles or stand alone poles with the lights at 10-12' high or more. The only block I have seen to date with sidewalk lights.

Bulk of the track and rail from Courtneypark to Ambassador in place with a few areas waiting for concrete. Ties being place in the guideway from Ambassador to Derry.

Crews grading the close intersection on Top Flight and its to be pave on Monday.

Noticed at the OME site, Kennedy area is being prepared for tall black fencing like Eglinton yard ones that are about 8-10' tall. Still a lot of trackwork for the 2 loops to be done with concrete being places on the outbound track before the first switch is for the first loop.

As I have noted in the past that all the hydro poles are to be taller than what there now on the full length on Hurontario, yet looking at Finch today, they are leaving the poles as is. Really odd why Hurontario needs taller poles while other system don't. Need to check Eglinton, but don't recall if there is
anymore overhead in place.

Photos to follow.
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April 16
Trying the new camera for its first video run from Burnhamthrope To Bristol of the LRT work, Normal and fast speed videos here
A View Of Mississauga Hurontario LRT Line From Hwy 401 To 407 Yard Track Being Built Normal and Fast, You can see the sidewalk Streetlight to your right just before Courtneypark
Really want it in place soon because then they can start the station construction. Should move pretty fast, based on stations like Line 6 Humber College.
They are currently working on the centre platform for the station and the box is not in the way. They can start work on the station wall as well the roof of the station before worrying about the walls and the roof where the box is.
April 14
You can see the amount of earth removed under the rail corridor for the push box.

You can see work underway for the PC station Centre Platform.

The concrete should be pour now for the new Englewood bridge as they can't do much more for the retaining walls for the Mary Fix Creek until the exiting bridge is remove.

More up on my site.





July 26
Took in the presentation at council today to see if anything new had been added that I am not aware of, but more so what council had to say about the line. Nothing new in the presentation.

Council on the other hand were looking for a date when service to start, but more so regarding the loop. They wanted to know where the EA stood for it as well wanting to see the loop in service on opening date as well. Loop will not be ready for opening day if the EA was approved today, but could be in late 2025 or Q2 2026. The EA is in the hands of ML and it will have to be amended the current one as well going out to the for input. Then there is the funding issue as who is paying for it as council not prepared to fund part of it.

One thing that did come out of this presentation that an T connection will be install when construction take place for Burnhamthorpe Intersection in the coming months.

Was planning on doing some shooting after council, but the weather went from being an gorgeous day at 9 am to the pits and rain at 1:30 that kill my plans. No photos for the following.

Derry Rd intersection is now haft close for the next 2 months to build the guideway

2 spans for the elevated line on Rathburn have beams in place now with final work on the pier top taking place at City View. This leaves 3 spans to see beams in early May.

Work has started on the guideway from the elevated ramp on Rathburn to Station Gate that will see a month of utilities work follow by the work on the guideway. It will also include the building of the Sq One station and trackwork.

July 16
There is 160 photos up on site for this day for the north section from 401 as well the OEM site. This is in line what I posted on that day.

This shows the sidewalk lights and the only area I have seen to date

Getting ready to pour the curb from 401 to World Dr.

Northbound at the 401 with bridge railing in place as well the northbound lanes to allow traffic to be shift back to them to allow the building of the guideway on the overpass either in May or June.

North Flight intersection open April 17/18

Retaining wall for Bridge piers on the west side of the 407 to built the piers so work can start expanding the west side of the overpass. Just shoring in place for the east side.


OEM with a lot more up on site as I used the new camera to see how those shot compared to the E7 Shots I took of the site as well.




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This will give you an idea of the movement of the box so far if you compare it to the first photo in my post above:
Feb 19th
When is this like planned to open? Seems like early 2026?