How is 18 stories too tall when the Holiday Inn is across the street?

I guess I must clarify. I'm not against 48 storeys or 18 storeys however I'd hate to see something like M5V's built form (a tower incorporating a mid-rise podium with minimal setback from the street) on a primarily lowrise block that should remain lowrise at all costs (unlike most of the M5V's block)
If you are really "in the loop".... you'll be lonely soon.

If your serious, I know exactly what you mean. I was in Chicago less than a month ago and I couldn't stop walking around just to get a sense of all the development. Beautiful city with some interesting things in the pipeline.

that building is a jewel! I know at one point it was the tallest residentail building in North America... not sure if thats still the case.
There is enough space on the site, at least as it looks to me that the Indian Motorcycle Building does not need to come down to make way for the towers being proposed.
Not even close. I'm not sure what is the tallest res. tower, but it's not Lakepoint.

According to Emporis, it was the tallest res. tower in the world for a full quarter of a century but it's been passed by two Chicago towers and two NYC towers, not to mention all kinds of Asian towers. The two Aussie towers, Q1 and Eureka, are tops right now until Dubai finishes god knows what, and Trump World Tower in NYC is the highest res. tower in North America right now, according to:
Are you talking pure residential? Because the John Hancock building, also in Chicago, is a mix of residential and office (about 700 condos), and it's been around since 1969. It reaches 100 storeys and 344m (1127 feet).

According to Wikipedia, it contains the highest residences in the world.

p.s. -- This has been one of my favorite buildings, ever since I visited its "Hancock Observatory" as a teenager, many years ago. Not to mention its outstanding design.
355 King St W & 119 Blue Jays Way

Not sure if there is an existing thread or not.

Proposal: two mixed use towers having heights of 48 and 18 storeys. A total of 486 residential units, 111 hotel units and 1, 170 square meters of non-residential floor area.

The shape is very striking, this could turn out to be a very nice building!
That looks awesome!

We're finally getting some serious height west of University Ave (Ritz, RBC, Festival, that proposal for Widmer & Adelaide, and this are all over 40 storeys!

Thank you for all these reports. I am not sure what this board would do without you (I guess just spread more bogus rumours than we already do. ).

You're welcome. Most of these threads aren't rumours but actual insider info - I just went into the city reports and confirmed them - so you should give the credit to those who did the leg work and actually went to the meetings or are otherwise kind enough to let us know what's going on behind the scenes :)