View from RBC Centre. Taken on BlackBerry so quality not as great.


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very nice, but i find the east side so odd looking from that perspective. it's slanted, but it's not a true slant,.. looks off ^
It's supposed to look different, or odd or off, however you want to characterize it: that's where the interest lies.



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I'm usually of the opinion that the public art component of condos is a waste of money that would have been better used for anything else like park improvements or whatever... but THIS sculpture looks amazing and adds positive visual interest to the streetscape just like it should. Great work.
The other one I really like is the monster in the Distillery District!
The sculpture is truly spectactular. I am in awe every time I see it!
It has certainly made me more aware of other public art in the city, and it has made me realize how revolutionary the sculpture “RISING” is.
And … Yes, moving it into place was quite the task. Getting it under the lip of the building and into the pond without damaging the glass cube was a real challenge. It took a co-operative effort from a lot of people to make it happen. Very fortunate to have been a part of it.
wow. i can hardly even recognize toronto in Ramako's pic, a lot of it is cause of Shangri-la. It's changed plenty of views and added great height. that pic feels somehow chicago-esque.

i still think this one would have looked equally good/better if it was a bit taller (like 250m). Were there shadow concerns? or was the original application 65 floors?

(Shadows concerns over Canada Life building? Osgoode hall?)
Steveve, I suspect given all the product on the market in this price range there was a decision made on how much could be sold.
I agree a bit taller would have been nice though when looking from the West it appears almost the same height as 1st Canadian place.

It is getting nicer. I doubt shaddows were the main concern and I believe it was always intended to be the height it is though I could be wrong.