Finally got back up to my perch. From lunchtime today, Cladding is all the way up. Dec. 20th.

The Hyatt may be unsightly, but at least it provides a break from rows and rows of similarly-sized elongated boxes that characterise The Entertainment District.

100%. As much as I like skyscrapers and big buildings, all those buildings are the same height and lined up to perfectly. If they could just give the Hyatt a power wash or something it would help.
From January 25 - external construction hoist still in place, with lots of activity going on at ground level on King Street:

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301-319 KING ST W​

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Application Number:13144733STE20OZApplication Status:OMB AppealMilestone Status:Notice of Complete Application IssuedType:Community planning


OLT Approved Application to Amend the Zoning By-law to permit the re-development of the site with a 50-storey (157 metre tall including the mechanical penthouse) mixed-use building containing retail, restaurant and office uses within the first 5 floors and 403 residential units above. A total of 146 parking spaces are proposed within a six level underground parking garage. Portions of the heritage buildings on the site are proposed to be retained and integrated into the podium. This application is being reviewed in conjunction with Site Plan application (File No. 22- 204481 STE 10 SA).