Anyone participate in the earlier phases of mobilio sales cycle? I see potential in Vaughan and so thinking to buy there.

Looking for 1 bedroom and smallest one is going for around 410k. Trying to decide if this is a good deal or should I wait to get in in beginning of next new project in the area.
$410 is a good price, but that layout isn't ideal if you compare it to neighbouring projects at just $4K more. Mobilio is also right against the 407 so keep in mind the noise you'll get from that.
Thanks for your response. I did check out CG Tower which looks really amazing but I found the layouts terrible! There was 1 layout which made sense but then I decided to go with Mobilio mainly because my research indicated the Menkes is a better builder. I am hoping they build the TTC entrance south of highway 7 so that will make the walk shorter. Transit city is pretty decent with good layouts but much more costly as well.

Any idea how to check whether the builder has the required permits/zoning in place ? I am not familiar with the terminology so even if I call the city of Vaughan, what do I ask? Basically want to avoid something like Icona or Cosmos.
The new entrance will be in the south side of hwy 7.

Regarding applications, I was looking the other day for a client on PLANit and nothing is updated as accepted yet. However that could just be a delayed time in updating their website as it's a fairly new system - separate from Toronto's.
These photos were taken in late August 2020. Perspective is taken from Interchange way looking south


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Seems like most of this site will be stacked townhomes. Bit of waste, wish they had gone for midrises. Also not sure how much an entertainment "hub" this will be after the club and Dave n Busters are redeveloped. From today: