Great pix above! I will add some more of the street level. Btw the Nobu restaurant is applying for a liquor license already so it may signal an earlier opening for the hotel similar to Canopy on Bloor East. I’m sure that they would like to be open for TIFF this year.
I think this is turning out well. It's not what was promised but it still looks good, IMO.
That's true ! One thing I think they should have done to make the facade more rich looking. Is to at least have a dark brown or black windowpane trim colour instead of a tan colour. Even though there's contrast it makes the building look a little cheap in my opinion.
The top 5 floors of the west tower is where the hotel rooms are, but there is a mechanical penthouse on top of both towers so you would think it would be designed and constructed very similar to each other, but obviously it’s not.
I know it's not finished yet but it looks like this building is designed on the fly and looks so haphazard.