Take a look at the First Parliament site thread. Some recent discussion and links to City reports there. Probably best to keep the conversation in one place.
Yea I follow that thread. Pretty certain my comment applies to both sites. The fact that we have two separate threads for them (which yea, I understand why there are two) is sort of reflective of the general thinking behind them as disparate when it should be holistic
Photos taken April 30, 2022:





Seems to be a focus on this part of the site. Aside from the crucial painting of the hoarding. Wish they’d put some effort into the bike lane so the park path would be clear this summer.View attachment 399574
Apparently the City are all set to go on the bike path running north of Parliament Square Park and separating bikers & pedestrians but cannot do anything until the Province formally agrees to the land being transferred (or NOT transferred, as it used to be City land). They hope it will be done 'soon' but .....
So the Porsche dealership is now in their 3rd (or 4th) location around the neighbourhood in the last 10-15 years? (now on lake shore, front north side and then front south side). I can’t recall where they were before the first parliament site.

When will it be their fourth location as I assume that land will be redeveloped between QQ and lake shore within the next 10 years. I’m just guessing all the moves were free for them due to expropriation of some sort.