A little late:

August 2, 2021:

I originally thought the twist in this building would be very subtle that we won't be able to actually see it, but I'm happy that I've been proved wrong! I like it very much!
A good example of this not being executed is 10 york. The rendering shows this fancy tapered and angled glass for the podium. Turned out to be boring and slab sided. Which was a shame being located in a highly visual area for cars in between the Gardiner and a off ramp.
I like 10 York a lot regardless of some of its issues — one of my favourite new towers in the city of the last while. The crystal-like geometry and massing often looks really good and the lighting is some of the best in the city, accentuates the shape well, and is super dramatic to see in the skyline.

With respect to this one I'm not quite as into it yet as others seem to be and the twist and geometry of it doesn't seem that apparent to me unless you're really looking. Mostly it just seems like a box so far to me, but also at the same time I was bracing myself for this to be kinda junky and it's definitely not that junky and the crispness of the materials bodes well for the more exciting building to come.
I was wondering when they would start punching through the knock-out walls into the Phase 1 underground levels. Looks like P6 is underway.
I typically dislike wraparound balconies, but HP impresses me yet again. One word I'd use to describe this building: sleek.
My first time out to the islands ever, and got some shots with phase one in frame from the ferry, and man is it already massively transforming the iconic postcard shot. The two taller phases here will really bring a new sense of height to the waterfront skyline.

And yes the islands were fantastic, truely a hidden gem of Toronto more locals need to get out and explore.