Missing balcony panels drive my pseudo-OCD wild!

What I don't understand is why it's usually panels that seem to be a standard size & colour that are used in rows above.
You could always move them around in Shop to spell out "kotsy". <3
It's coming slowly to my attention that mburrrrr-san has one of the best perches in this city for this publication... <3
Sept 10
Can't get shots of the Sky Tower unless from above. Still removing the last of the dirt for the hole










Hot damn, this has really shot up. Do you guys think that SkyTower will go up just as quickly?

Ive been tracking The One and it seems to be agonizingly slow compared to projects like this and 160 Front
I think sky tower has a legitimate shot at topping out first. Especially if the one gets its height increase
Just a wild guess from someone with too much time on his hands… feel free to make your own.

Phase 1 Prestige (65s) recap - after excavation

1. About 7 months from crane installations to reaching grade (July 2019) including larger and more complicated parking levels (ramps to service both phases etc.)

2. From grade to podium built - (less than) 12 months

3. Tower topping out September 2021 - about 14 months (seems they averaged close to 4 floors a month for the tower)

So about 33 months total to top out after excavation

Phase 2 SkyTower (95s) - wild guess timeline - after excavation

1. 6 months to grade

2. Smaller (taller?) podium built - 11 months

3. Tower floors topped out - 25 months**

About 42 months total to top out after excavation

(**assumes forming the unique shape and non-repeating sizes of many tower floors is a slower build than Phase 1).

The One: obviously the first 5 above grade levels (including the south podium, west elevators etc.) have been a very complicated build... 16 months and still more 5th level form/rebar work to be done on walls, columns etc. before the next pour. Can anyone see construction speed (more standardized floors) ramping up to nearly 2 floors per month?... seems like a longshot.
It's coming slowly to my attention that mburrrrr-san has one of the best perches in this city for this publication... <3
Common terraces. No balconies. 360 degree view. That’s the way to building them in my opinion. Potentially better looking buildings without balconies, floor to ceiling unobstructed views without balconies.

imagine a 360 deg common roof top terrace on this building
From Sunday - and not the air show.
1941 Avro Lancaster. KB726

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