@RyanD I was in the area on Sunday 24th and decided to sit in the plaza for a few minutes. My first time there since before the pandemic began. I was remembering some of the unfavourable comments about the closed-in feeling and I thought, "you know, I kind of like the closed-in effect." So, that's two of us.
I for one miss seeing the layers of buildings and find the warm tones and detailing of the HBC building to be a nice contrast to the glass towers. On the plus side the simpsons reclad and CF sign have been blocked from view.

For comparison purposes (Source: @bilked)

Photos taken December 12th, 2021:

A few missing bits of cladding on the punch list (east elevation)


Peering into the ground levels:


Above grade, north elevation is looking finished:


What I could capture of the west elevation (from Richmond at Bay) similarly looks complete on the exterior.

I remembered quoting that when the third tower is built. Your not going to hardly see any other buildings etc than these three towers standing in the middle of the Plaza! Looks like some kind of maze or something lol!
It’s like a Yayoi Kusama mirror room.

For the record, this post is a reminder of one of the very best things about UT.

People who can use Yayoi Kusama in a contextual sentence referencing architecture..........

And then other members/posters who know what's being said and can respond thoughtfully.

It also gives the optical illusion that Scotiabank North is 3x as wide as it really is, due to the reflections of the towers. Honestly, it's a really classy complex. It's not architecturally loud, but rides the line of visual interest to the architecture nerds like us but completely blends in to everyone else.
Last photo thread of the day, for March 9th, 2022:

First, from City Hall:


Now along Richmond........ as soon as they finish up, window washing is on to-do list!



And the hopefully soon-to-be again, Cloud Gardens:


So ends today's 7km jaunt.
i like the glass but the towers are too boxy for my liking, i wish KPMB had done their magic on these three towers.