Come to think of it he was a little too comfortable sitting there. Maybe getting a feel for it. It proably costs $100,000.
He was probably also enjoying that great Folgers instant expresso, in the paper cup.
According to the Russian billionaire in today's Post 'construction should start by the end of the year'.
'construction should start by the end of the year'

There's some comfort.
'construction should start by the end of the year'

I'm really gettin' tired of this '''project'''...

While in Chicago they are proceding with construction
of their 92 storey Trump tower beauty...>: >: >:

:evil :evil :evil
^ Well then go buy some units in Trump Toronto. I'm sure they'll start very quickly if you buy enough units.
'construction should start by the end of the year'.

Gosh- I can hardly wait!! :rolleyes :smokin
It would have been a bit better if he said "construction WILL start by the end of the year."
On the big poster at the sales office they have a banner that says the last chance to buy at preconstruction prices and than Trump's Mug.
wow, that "last chance" has lasted for quite a while now...
Trump International Hotel & Tower


Location: 325 Bay Street
Developer: Talon International Development, Trump
Architect: Zeidler Partnership Architects
Planning Docs: Final Report
Designation: Hotel, residential
Status: Sales
Expected Occupancy: 2009
Height: 1,064 ft. spire (988 ft. roof)
Floors: 70
The enwave announcement was made a few months ago.

but half the fun with this project is reading into these articles mentioning anything trump related, like economists read into the Central Bank's statements about raising interest rates.

was the tone authoritative? was there any indication as to whether it will rise, or stay the same?

One of Enwave's newest customers is the $500-million, 750,000-square-foot Trump International Hotel and Tower, which is scheduled to hold its long-awaited ground-breaking in Toronto's financial district later this year.

I, for one, consider the words 'which is scheduled to' to be strong language - the building is obviously going to go up.