No, it is not, unless by "downtown" you mean "core financial district" bound by Wellington, Richmond, Yonge and York.
95% of downtown high rise condos don't have monsters like Bay Adelaide center or Scotia Plaza 20 meters away. As it mentioned a few times, it was an unwise location for a presumably upscale hotel/condo.

What percentage of the suites have unblocked views? Ramada probably have a better view than that.

Hotels don't offer guaranteed views - even low-rise hotels. There is nothing that says that a view is necessary. Besides, I have stayed in many downtown hotels was the view of other buildings. That's what city downtowns typically possess.

A lot of people don't give two shits about the "view" from their condo, house, or hotel.

How many suburban homes have a view of anything besides another house across the street, or right behind them? Not that many.

You might think it's an unwise location for a hotel/condo, but you'd be wrong, as the business case for it has clearly been shown to be sound. People invested in Trump, and that is absolute confirmation of how wise they were in choosing this location. If it was an unwise choice, you wouldn't have seen any financial investments in the property, and Trump would have never happened.

Exactly, this is an excellent location for a hotel. I'd like to see the argument against it that makes sense.
finally!!! ^^ thanks for posting that vid.

and ya, people need to stop complaining about the views from the building. first and foremost, the south and west views are practically completely unobstructed, not to mention, some of the finest and most unique views of the city.

as for the north side, there's no denying Bay Adelaide is the elephant in the view, however, look at how many high-end residences in big cities are build right up close to neighbours.
and the curved facade of the north side probably helps with the directly facing north suites as well as they will probably give you more of the east/west views.

What "justifies" the costs, are the location, the building quality, the name, etc. I don't think this building really pushed the marketing when it came to views, unlike other properties. but it doesn't mean the views are crap.

I've said it before and i'll say it again (cue Broderick voice). The south view from Trump Toronto facing king and bay is by far the rarest most exclusive view in the city., and for someone like me, that would be my #1 choice... not to mention, that view is completely secure against being obstructed by anything in the future, that is unless the old bank of nova scotia building is somehow demolished

The fact of the matter is: It's bay street people. get used to it.
Here's the view down Bay Street from STOCK Restaurant on floor 31.

And the view looking to the West from the window of the private dining area at STOCK.
And here's a morning view from the 17th floor of the hotel looking to the NE. I'd say many of the hotel rooms have pretty good views :)
And the view looking to the West from the window of the private dining area at STOCK.

this is an awesome view. Adelaide's street canyon is gonna become more and more impressive with 100 adelaide.

i don't care who you are, that view is pretty unobstructed,