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Apr 23, 2007
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This thread is for the west half of the LCBO Lands development site, known on the site plans as blocks 3 and 4. (Block 3 is the one which will be mostly park, but which has a retail pavilion proposed for the north edge of it. Block 4 will have three residential towers rising from a retail podium which also has a public school in it.)

The thread for Block 1—the new LCBO Headquarters tower and flagship store—are in this thread.

The thread for the two residential towers on Block 2 is here.

So, the rezoning application has been resubmitted with changes, so we have a new front page story to update you on the changes (including the new heights of all the towers @DonValleyRainbow), and a new database file linked at the top of the page for this tread.

Lots of movement on The 100m List.
  • Tower B has slipped below M+G's West Tower, and is now tied with First Canadian Place
  • Tower C has slipped with it, and is now 7th on the list.
  • Tower D has moved up from 19th to 16th, and is now poised to be taller than One Bloor East.
Not sure if this is the correct thread or not but about 1/3rd of the parking lot for the retail portion of the LCBO has been fenced off with Green For Life trailers/equipment inside, as well as well as part of Cooper St, complete with markings on the ground.



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This report recommends that City Council direct the City Solicitor, together with appropriate City Staff, to advise the Ontario Municipal Board that the City and the applicant are in agreement with respect to the proposed building envelopes for this development, in advance of an Ontario Municipal Board hearing related to the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan respecting the property at 215 Lake Shore Boulevard East and 178-180 Queens Quay East which commences on November 7, 2017.

I'm not sure how blocking off the relatively small eastern part of the parking lot fits in with the plans I 've seen here..
I think jogs and subtle shifts in the street grid make for a more interesting experience, by changing the ways you see facades and visually closing off spaces.

In general, agreed, and I don't like that Planning (or, perhaps, Planning at the behest of Transportation) sometimes takes the opportunity to do so (they're also lessening the severity of a curve at the Galleria Mall site); since our police apparently aren't interested in enforcing speed limits anymore and our politicians are mostly unwilling to seriously consider significant traffic calming or enforcement technology, non-straightaway roads are one of the few saving graces with regard to road safety.

I'd much rather the City took every reasonable opportunity to increase the irregularity of our streets (whilst acknowledging we're not talking about a huge change here).