Among his reasons for moving into the Hamilton market is the provincial plan to eliminate the Ontario Municipal Board, which in his view, puts "all the power into the hands of the ratepayers" and results in Toronto building sites being "sterilized."

"I am absolutely not buying anything more in the City of Toronto … We're focusing on the other cities, and Hamilton is going to benefit from that."
I feel like Brad Lamb throws this fit every time regulations change. First it was rent control, now the OMB. What are the chances that he actually stops developing in Toronto?

Lamb, asked about his reported comment that Hamilton will become a bedroom community for Toronto, responded that he's an outspoken person and sometimes says flamboyant things.
Toronto may be an alpha city. But I see Hamilton ,Kitchener becoming anchor cities for their steal and software products. In this agglomerated area of 9.3 million people soon to hit 11.5 million in fifteen years. You can see it happening in the States side for eg. Washington Baltimore , Seattle Tacoma and San Francisco Oakland etc.

From Brad Lamb on twitter.
New renderings released:




Sales centre is also now open in the old CHCH mansion. There is a model of the first tower!


From @ihearthamilton on Twitter
I figured something like this would happen:

HAMILTON - William Shatner is objecting to the use of his name and likeness to promote an upcoming condo development in Hamilton.

The “Star Trek” star, best known for playing Captain Kirk on the original series, set his phasers on the project - dubbed “Television City.”

On Twitter, Shatner complained that his name and a caricature of him were attached to floor plans for a million-dollar two-bedroom penthouse.