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What is being constructed a little further south on this street at the intersection with The Esplanade?

I think you are thinking of Market Street - where a 2 storey building is going up as part of the Market Street project (which has a thread elsewheere.)
Pic taken July 16, 2011

No surprise to anyone who has walked by recently, but The Berczy project is officially "delayed" and folks will not be taking possession in Aug 2012.
I have no idea why people thought the building would ever be built by then. It's a large project.

I didn't realize that at first but yes this a giant project, it goes back very far on the lot !
Looks like I was wrong. I thought Concert would work a bit harder to run their first Toronto condo on target. But there is no way they will be moving in people Aug. 2012. I think Spring 2013 is more realistic.

I wonder what is causing the delays since the development has been 100% sold out for almost a year now.