Aug 20, 2020

Then why the 20 rental replacement apartment units? Possibly converting some of the rental units on the ground floor to retail?

A quick google map look doesn't show much "back yard" for any tower. Although 52 floors with less than 500 units indicates a small floor plate given the average sqft of a Toronto condo. Is it just the Edwardian structure, or does the property include what looks like adjoining old Victorians?
I am glad that they are redeveloping these apartments. The apartments in the original building were odd little units with strange little nooks and crannies and small irregular spaces (I once went back to a woman's house after being at a bar and discovered her bedroom l had a single bed crammed into it with no space around it and her kitchen was the size of a bathroom and the bathroom was the size of a kitchen. Very surreal experience when your drunk and high! It felt like we were teenagers sneaking into her bedroom at home and trying to not get caught by parents.