That stupid faux brick building at the southwest corner is a powerful testament to the absurdity of Heritage Planning in Toronto, who insisted on it being included. What rational person would ever think that that was a superior outcome to just extending the rest of the new podium around this corner? It looks cheap, idiotic, and there's already water damage all over the brick above the third floor windows.
That leeching from the mortar above the third floor windows will be cleaned up at the end of the job. What bothers me most here are the Home Depot windows installed in the heritage portion.

The mech penthouse cladding is surprisingly reflective. I can see the south face of this tower from my living room and in the mornings the cladding can be a bit like a milder version looking at the sun (as in it's actually uncomfortable to look directly at it) because of how much light it reflects. Most of the time it's fine though, just a weird quirk of whatever material they chose.
Would've rathered it be clad in black cladding. Would look sharper and tie in better with the side treatment
This is a definite hit. Far from perfect, parts of the podium are a little jumbled, the crown is ok, but overall this looks quite nice.
For me, this is a win. Even with the hoarding mostly still up, I can see that there's a huge improvement at grade on Yonge and Dundonald over what was there before. The Dundonald side in particular was pretty sh*tty before.