With all due respect to art and artists, what the heck is that? Red is even my favorite colour, but this just does not do it for me. Some modern art is fine, very good even, other modern art is just, somewhere between downright weird and awful and unfortunately I think this falls into the latter.

It just doesn't make any sense, the piece itself or in the context of its surroundings.
I hope it won't look sad and dated in 30 years, like the public art on the west side of Yonge just north of Bloor (near the entrance to Cumberland Square).
That piece is so ugly and forgettable I almost forgot it existed until this comment.
Looks pretty bad ass to me @Bjays92 , maybe you'd like it in person?


What a piece of junk. We'll become an international butt of jokes if we keep getting crude 'art' pieces like this. How embarrassing for Toronto
It's not going anywhere...unless they're planning to tour it all around the world. So I wouldn't worry about that, lol.
This is one of the better condo-funded public art pieces. We've got quite the collection across the GTA nowadays.
Looks pretty bad ass to me @Bjays92 , maybe you'd like it in person?

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I guess I'd have to see it in person to fully judge but I have 2 big issues with it.

1. The piece has zero context to its surroundings. It doesn't draw on nearby elements, shapes or colours, so it just sticks out and doesn't feel like it belongs.

2. The colour composition has zero shape or depth. So despite the unique shape it doesn't feel alive or interesting.

I don't mind the shape or material choice in the slightest. I think both those aspects had promise.
At this rate…I suspect “condo street art” is headed toward large easels mounted on the sidewalks with a black velvet oil painting that glows at night under black lighting…or God forbid….a “paint by numbers” version of some historical time in the city. After that…it’s a slippery slope to a 5 storey version of “Dogs Playing Pool”. I better shut up now, lest I give developers any “Wow..,that’s GREAT and it’s cheap” ideas. 🤭😔