Not hard to believe at all, especially when it comes to this Time seems like it was at a crawl.
Yeah but then I think back to that time and it seems like it flew by. Imagine how much more progress there will be in another 3 years!
Excellent viewpoint! You can see from this shot that The One hasn't quite surpassed 2 Bloor West. Which means it's not officially a skyscraper yet, as 2 Bloor West's height is under 150 m. :)
I have been trying to get a good photo from the DVP showing that it is just under the CIBC building like those ones. Hopefully soon. Great to see and almost halfway to supertall :)
Images from CTBUH's Linkedin page from their tour of The One yesterday:


Photos taken today, Friday (Sept. 8). Since my last set of photos taken last Friday, the north Rail Climbing System (RCS) is now up to the 9th floor, matching the east RCS which went up last week, and the first glass has been installed on the 9th floor, along the south side. Had a chat with one of the workers who pours the concrete on top and he told me that level 38 is going slow, as the mechanical levels are more tedious. He also confirmed my suspicion that the west RCS will rise slower because of the west building extension that needs more exterior work.

He also told me that when the RCSs hit the mechanical levels, they will be raised a lot faster, skipping most of that. But he also said that once the RCSs reach level 16, there will be a pause. Level 16 is the floor below the first mechanical section.

Starting off, as usual, with my "time-lapse" photo, added to the album of the same name... A shot of the SE corner where we see the new glass on level 9, soon to be installed under the east RCS, installed as usual in a counter-clockwise direction (as seen from above) starting beside the crane, and a look at the NW corner where the north RCS is at level 9, west RCS at level 8. And a pile of wide shots... the only blue platforms higher than last week are the hanger corner ones, each up a level. First shot wide from Cumberland, east of Bay, the second from the old main entrance to The Bay off Bloor, then from Yonge just north of Bloor, and finally some shots of the cladding in its glory. When they raise the RCSs to level 10, we'll see the complete diagonal corners, should be cool.

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