Though the height increase is tied to additional benefits the city secured. If the receivership doesn’t want to commit to that deal, there’s no height increase. This could be the impasse.
...but that's speculating a bit as the receivership had indicated before that all arrangements would be honoured. Nor does this rule out that the article misquoted the storage count from a previous agreement...that is, it was 85 for a long time before they got their height increase. And they got that height increase before receivership butter hit the fan.

To be clear, I am not dismissing this could be the case here...rather, I have my factual doubts on the storage count claimed for this article. People misspeak things...even in writing.

Edit/Erratum: Due my lack of confidence in what what I've posted on the occasion, I edit/delete my post out. However, due to said respective post being quoted, I am now restoring it for the context of the conversation: My apologies for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused. Silly me... >.<

Tl,dr: Seems like Sam was getting in the way and therefore, was sent a packing...

...didn't help he was trying to sue the receivership hand that was helping him from what I gather from that TorStar article. That's kinda embarrassing really. /sigh

It's interesting how in the article it still has the one being placed at 85 stories. Wondering if possibly the receiver is only going to go to this height instead of the 91 that was approved
I'm pretty sure that was a misquote on the writer's part.
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Love his quote about the timing:

And while it was originally supposed to be completed by the end of 2022, workers had, by late 2023, only poured the concrete for about 40 of The One’s scheduled 85 stories. Mizrahi told the Star Monday that he fully expects the building to be completed, likely sometime in the next three years.

Better be finished by 2027...
SKYGRiD.... the construction company behind a number of Gupta landmarks like Dundas Square Gardens. Yippee.


What? With all your early mornings and the odd weekend in the office, I had you pegged for still being 'new'ish' LOL Who gets into the office before 8am, when you've got 40 years under your belt? What kind of example is that setting for the young people? "Work really hard, and you get to keep working hard" ? LOL
I will be done in a couple of years :)
Will Skygrid value engineer the unit finishes ?

I cant see purchasers being happy switched from high quality finishes to mid market 1BE quality finishes
I dont think it's legal to substantially cheapen pre-construction units that have already sold. You can't promise full size luxury kitchen with a gas range and then switch it to kitchenette with an electric hotplate at the last second. If it was legal youd see loads of new fly-by-night developers popping up and pulling that bait and switch constantly.

But I think it's reasonable to replace the unsold units with cheaper quality studio/1 bed investor units. Yes, it would cheapen the exclusivity of the building, but at least those who have purchased wont have their actual units downgraded. Common areas would also be subject to cheapening.
A height decrease wouldnt make sense financially. The only way to reduce the loss of this building is to add as many entry level units as possible.
at this point everything is speculation what it could be a case where the materials that were originally selected were not available or cannot be attained on time. I work in the hospitality industry at a ski resort where we do refurbs quite often and this happens on a regular basis where finishes can't be attained on time and I have seen some of our homeowners in our private units stick to their guns and not budge. This could have been the case that a product no longer was available and Sam would not budge on trying to source or replacement product of the same or possibly lesser quality. Just seems like everything on this project. He did to far too large of grandeur from the ACS and RCS systems used to the scale of the project. It was above him but let's hope we may be end up getting the end result we want
If Skygrid VE's everything, then it could turn out that the worst mistake Mizrahi made was going with Foster instead of sticking to a the original plan of hiring RAMSA, which would have also been beautiful but much simpler to build.
Lots of speculation here on the Chicken Little footing I dare say...

...not sure anything is going to change now from what is was before Mizrahi got unceremoniously removed from the driver's seat.