The copper wires inside the piano can be sold for much.

Apparently nowadays, (acoustic) pianos of either the upright or the grand variety are primarily used as furniture and not as musical instruments.

With the likes of Logic Pro X, Finale, Sibelius, and MuseScore, it is much easier to compose piano music using an electronic piano keyboard (and play it back flawlessly and sounding like a real piano to the ears of the average listener).
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That photo of the guys shoving pianos out the back of a truck breaks my heart.

Speaking as a veteran Logic user, nothing beats an actual piano with all its beautiful imperfections and wonderfully particular sonic signature. There will always be a place for true acoustic recordings; pristine digital delivery can sound horribly canned and sterile. That said, yes, you can also use a decent midi keyboard with weighted keys, or hell, even just push midi notes around the screen with a mouse - and get great results.

Finally, yes - you can get pianos for free. You just have to be patient. People are always trying to unload these monsters - little Jenny or Jack failed to take to the piano and now it's time to free up space and get rid of the damn thing.
Cladding is from Germany. Currently being tested in Buffalo. Very low iron glass. Panes are 34 feet each! They expect to start bringing them in by February.
Yes. Tons of uprights (rare you'll find a grand/baby grand). They're completely free, provided you pick them up. Moving pianos is expensive, yo.

That said, if you get one, expect to have to get it retuned. Even if it wasn't neglected, moving a piano will easily throw it out of tune. And don't think about doing it for at least a week while the piano "acclimatizes" itself to your home (humidity, floor level, etc.)
Reporting in as requested. Here are the contest entrants still alive as of today:
Ottawan - December 9
Old Boy - December 13
VZ64 - December 15
Kotsy - December 20
Neilv - December 31
Brian YYZ - January 6, 2020
Not sure how I missed the cut off. My Post #6049 August 28th predicting Jan 7

January 7th for street level. (fire + I like to be an outlier.)

It's on page 404 if that helps. ;-)
A thousand apologies Irishmonk - duly noted for January 7, 2020. Was hoping I was doing a good job over the summer capturing all the entrants. my bad.
Any work done in the last few days? Had it not been for the dumping of snow, it's safe to say that they would've finished the forms and probably already poured the concrete. Above zero temps coming up Sunday to Monday. If they were waiting to avoid freezing the concrete before it cures, early next week will be good and @Ottawan who predicted December 9 might be right on the money.
^ Lots of workers on site today when I went by. More than usual actually. Trucks were delivering rebar. Workers were laying that cable stuff on the floor. A lot of workers you can't see because they're working underneath the floor.

You're right. This is the main retail floor. There's probably going to be a ton of electrical conduits prepped before they can pour the concrete.
You're right. This is the main retail floor. There's probably going to be a ton of electrical conduits prepped before they can pour the concrete.

Cannot see them burying the electrical conduits in the slab. More likely there will a secondary composite slab above that main ground floor slab with the MEP services running through the space - similar to a raised access floor system in an office building.