The last slab pour was on, what, July 13? We are looking at basically a month to finish one floor. Not exactly rapid.

I think that is not a good period to use as a measure since lots of effort was devoted to other areas not least of which is the central platform. I think starting from last week would be a good starting point. They poured the columns/walls on Wed and if they manage to pour this floor by Wed, they have a chance to pour the next set of columns/walls the following Wed resulting in a two week cycle.

I think they will improve the process and may get to 8 work days per cycle till they reach the next mechanical level.
About six months ago, I suggested they could get to a floor per week. Someone told me I was dreaming in technicolor.
I don't think this will ever average faster than 1 week for a floor slab, one week for walls. Regardless, it's cool to see the current progress. Around the end of September they should be close to the first mechanical levels, and the next set of hangers on the corners should be in place.
Can someone explain how the angled beams we see in Benito’s construction photo above relate to the angled beams we see in the render below?

Am I correct in saying that what we see in the construction photo will be inside the cladding and is structural while the angled beams in the render are outside the cladding and is cosmetic?