Just noticing that they finished this part of the roof, too, not just the elevator stack. Wonder if they’re getting ready to put up glass around these elevator lobbies. Developer does seem to be in a hurry to showcase as many of the exterior finishes as possible.

📷: @Benito

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I think you are right. If I am not mistaken, you are alluding to this part of the plan:

the builder told me higher floors would simply end up with a higher floor number if approved, so im guessing these will be slid in lower.

as expected, the form work is making quick work. The whole core rebar is in and i bet we will be pouring walls within 2 days.

looks like the elevator roof is done as well

fyi working on some buyers for the site last few weeks, i was told 50 - 60 floor range would occupy fall 2024.

This would be 7 year total time from sales in fall 2017.. which is not that bad considering forma is saying 2028 but lowkey telling me 2029 - 2030.... for a super tall complex site they are actually on par with a great gulf...

Damn if they pour tmmrw that will be 8 or 9 days?