Glad you asked cause I never understand any of those types of posts (the ones about council meetings...etc), but was also wondering if there was anything regarding that.
It was fairly clear to me that something was recommended for approval (as opposed to being approved) didn't say what it was actually recommended outside of the confidential business. Only it was referred in context to Mizrahi seeking the additional height approval...leading me to ask the billion dollar question that was being begged here. >.<

That being said, I can least speculate upon the answer that something good has come out of this as well. And for what that is worth.
It looks like an extra section was added to the crane just now:

I remember everyone joking about @Benito passing coffee over when they reached eye level. Can't believe that day is here. I also can't believe the building is only a third of its (requested) height.

The pass is a bit further out than I think we all envisioned, maybe the crane operator can help with the Espresso move. LOL

That would be a truly sensational pic; we'd have to schedule @kotsy to capture the crane moving espresso cups over from @Benito 's balcony
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Photos taken today, Friday (June 9). A lot here as I'll be out of town for a few weeks. The usual "time-lapse" photo added to my album on Flickr...
Seems there was a crew of UT photographers today capturing the new crane section and attachment beams! My contribution, from the ground floor. Also, some detail shots of the recent cladding added to complete the ground-floor columns. And... two sides of the Rail Climbing System, east and west, now complete since my last post a week ago. Curious whether some big sign will be attached... will we see giant Mizrahi signs soon? Another shot of a newly exposed corner mechanical level, as the top floor and corner sections all rose one level since my last post last Friday. And new windows now installed by the NW corner. Still some haze in the sky after the smokey last few days!
Finally... The familiar view of the tower from south on Yonge, at Alexander. But a new view (I think), from along Bloor Street at Christie, as the tower becomes more visible to more of Toronto. See y'all in late June.