I agree that it looks very Dutch. It's also refreshing to see a tower clad in a material other than glass.
I'm pretty keen on the design, too. Strong, modern lines; a bit of mass, colour, and pattern; a dramatic cantilever, no apologetic podium. It seems appropriately restrained in its selection of design 'moves', unlike many other large buildings underway (Aura, the Yorkville, the new thing above Holt's).

The urban relationship to the old Victorians is a bit odd - but maybe that kind of contrast is part of what makes our downtown unique. I do hope that the grade conditions are thought about more carefully as this thing moves forward.
I like it. Strong, clean lines, simple yet dramatic massing, and that colour is a welcome change. Hope the design sticks.
It'd probably more realistic to expect precast - but using real brick with enough variation in tint would have put this project over the top.

And yes, a large scale public art component suspended from the cantilever would be amazing - though I don't think the potential residents would like that too much.

Looks very Dutch to me. And it's RED! How great to have a red building in town!

I love it :)
I like this a lot. This is a building with balconies the doesn't have that ugly "stuck on balcony" look to it. The balconies are incorporated into the architecture nicely. We need to do more of this!!