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I have read the post before, but these panels look like they are glued brick tile and not formed brick or some other time of wall treatment. I'm going by the photos above and not what is necessarily the actual case, since I work in the masonry business and from all the brick walls I've seen in the last 20 years or so that is what it looks like to me....could be wrong!
I took pics of these yesterday as well!


Im a lover of red (trust me, I like red everything), but i'm actually happy with the colour of the brick so far. It's red enough that it stands out, but the purple hue that the brick has in certain lighting gives it a bit more of a dynamic look. This is one of those buildings that will take on different appearances during different weather conditions, and despite my love for red, that's also fine with me.
They're not wasting any time here... (saw two trailer loads of new brick panels being delivered, one from the eastern staging area to the site (see photos), and another heading to the area along Bloor).





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