Taken 6 March.


Gotta love that one strip of much nicer precast brick hidden in the back alley.

I just can’t with this project.
“It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong… and I am that big man”.
-Michael Scott.

People, I have good news. I don’t have up to date photos, but I went to investigate that one nice strip of precast in the back alley yesterday, and it appears (I’ve never seen this before) that they’re applying some sort of laquer or finish to the precast that makes it look a LOT nicer. If you look at @rdaner’s typically excellent photos from April 19, and then again May 16, you’ll notice the precast that was already installed and looked shitty has been transformed into something significantly nicer. As of yesterday, the darker richer colour has been extended to two and a half strips in the back, and will presumably continue around the entire building.

Assuming that is indeed the case, I will go on record here with an apology and a retraction to Fieldgate Urban. Lesson learned: judge the finished project.

Perhaps 88 Bathurst will pull something out the hat as well.

Will update with some crappy iPhone pics ASAP.