This tower, specifically its podium, absolutely crowds out the gorgeous existing Pier 27 buildings. What a shame.
The east side at least carried the un-shuffled deck down to the street ... the west side of the podium remains a boring featureless suburban office block... any floor articulation would have helped. Still like the tower for sure (as always wish it was a tad taller).
Pretty goog:

Letters were sent out today with tentative occupancy dates. Occupancy is estimated to be taking place between April and July of 2020.
When is the adjacent park going to be built? Or is the park just an addition to the renders of the project to make it look nicer?
What an utter piece of junk that public 'art' is. The awkward, not to mention, primitive pedestal doesn't do it any favours either. Tourists are more likely to be laughing at it (and Toronto) than photographing it in admiration. How does stuff like that get approved?