There are strong rumours that SmartCentres is preparing a 600,000sf office building on the block to the south of this - and there are another couple developers planning office as well I believe albeit not on that scale.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the area ends up sort of like a 905 version of NYCC with a healthy amount of office but ultimately still residential dominated, and with an Italian demographic instead of a Korean demographic.
Anyone has any info on the block to the south of TC5? Specifically the building immediately to the south. How many stories will that be?
It seems like pre-construction at the future site of TC4 and TC5 has started. Also a note, from what seems like a result of having to sacrifice beloved parking space for TC4 & 5, a new parking lot east of the main VMC station entrance was added and is typically full by 8 on weekdays (SmartCentres must be swimming in money coming from those ridiculous parking fees). Taken on the evening of October 11, 2019 with the completed exterior of The Met in the background.
2/10/2020 12:00 PM
SmartVMC by SmartCentres breaks ground on the VMC’s first purpose-built rental apartment building

Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua issued a statement following the groundbreaking of a new purpose-built housing project in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). SmartVMC’s first purpose-built rental apartment building will have 36 floors, 450 rental units, a one-acre private park, access to a 25,000-square-foot super amenity, concierge and dog park, among other features:

“I want to thank the Province of Ontario and Minister Steve Clark for their partnership. We worked collaboratively in the process towards a Minister’s zoning order – a key element to unleash the full potential of the VMC as a powerful economic driver in the province.

“This project is in alignment with Vaughan’s commitment to meet provincial density targets and find a complete range of housing solutions for our diverse and rapidly expanding city. Solutions that better address current housing needs will provide flexibility for the City to respond to new opportunities.

“By 2031, the VMC will be home to more than 25,000 people living in a projected 12,000 units. With several new projects on the horizon, including condominium developments that will play an important role in meeting future density goals, finding a complete range of housing options for our growing community remains a priority.

“In Vaughan, we have always advocated for diverse and affordable housing options that are in keeping with our vision to move our city forward without leaving anyone behind. We have a laser-focused approach to provide an exceptional standard of living, where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential, actively participate in civic life and obtain equal access to opportunities.

“This is what makes Vaughan the place to be, and these principles have long been the foundation of our efforts to build a stronger, more inclusive city. By offering affordable housing options, we are creating new opportunities for people who may not have previously thought it possible to call Vaughan home.

“I have long maintained my creed in sensory-based planning. This means when you walk through the VMC, we want the human senses — sight, sound, smell and feel — to be activated and fully engaged. Our city-building efforts remain inspired by this mission and as such, we are forging ahead with a mindset that goes beyond mere structures. Vaughan’s present and future planning effort embodies a higher purpose. It reflects planning decisions rooted in convictions that seek to protect and elevate the exceptional quality of life for our citizens.

“With approximately 179 hectares of development opportunities, the VMC is the largest and most ambitious project in Vaughan’s history. It continues to reach new and unprecedented heights by attracting transformational projects and opportunities. In 2019, Niagara University expanded to a modern, new site in the VMC. This milestone marked the arrival of the first university in Vaughan.

“From 2015 to 2020, the VMC attracted more than $9 billion in economic investment, with much of this rooted in momentous construction projects that contribute to a growing skyline with new businesses and residential developments, like the one we are breaking ground for today. In fact, Vaughan Council has approved nearly 11,000 new residential units in the VMC.

“We recently held the grand opening of the PwC-YMCA Tower — a 240,000 square-foot SmartVMC by SmartCentes mixed-use project. In August 2019, the provincial Ministry of Environment approved a City-led flood prevention initiative in the VMC. The Black Creek Renewal Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Project is essential in continuing the development of Vaughan’s downtown core and serves to strengthen the City’s relationship with our provincial partners even further.

“An integral part of planning Vaughan’s future growth is a well-developed transit and transportation network. As one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada, Vaughan is generating jobs, encouraging and retaining investment and pursuing opportunities that position the City as an economic leader in the GTA.

“Creating new connections to surrounding communities and making it easier for people to get where they need to go will contribute to our continued success. Higher-order transit provides an enormous advantage for attracting residents, businesses and talent to Vaughan.

“Mass rapid transit, which includes the opening of the SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal and vivaNext Rapidway on Highway 7, will continue to make our city a destination of choice. With the construction of these new city roads, we are meeting the rising demand of commuters by providing alternate routes to get in and out of our downtown core.

“Everyone should have an opportunity to live in our community and today’s groundbreaking is a step in the right direction. I look forward to building on our successes and to continue seeking innovative solutions that unleash the full potential of the VMC.”
Ontario Cutting Red Tape to Create Jobs and Bring More Housing to York Region

February 10, 2020 12:00 P.M.
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Vaughan ― The Ontario government is cutting red tape in York Region to help create more housing and employment in downtown Vaughan.

Today, Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing attended a groundbreaking for a 36-storey apartment building with 450 rental units in SmartVMC, the first purpose-built apartment in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. A Minister's Zoning Order has helped complete the vision for the centre, through the relocation of an existing retail store. This will allow a new community to take shape in short order, bringing more homes and employment to a major transit station area.

"This project supports our government's plan to connect people to places and to build healthier, safer communities. It shows the great results that can be achieved for communities when local partners and government work together," said Minister Clark. "I'm pleased to have made a Minister's Zoning Order to make it faster and easier for the City of Vaughan to develop more housing and employment, which is a priority for our government."

The relocation project also supports Ontario's priorities and plans in A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, which directs more housing to be built around major transit hubs in communities that are growing quickly. And through More Homes, More Choice: Ontario's Housing Supply Action Plan, the government is encouraging building different types of housing, such as condos, townhouses and rental apartments, to give people more options that meet their needs.

"I want to thank the Province of Ontario and Minister Steve Clark for their partnership. We worked collaboratively in the process towards a minister's zoning order ― a key element to unleash the full potential of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) as a powerful economic driver in the province," said Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of the City of Vaughan. "Today's groundbreaking is in alignment with Vaughan's commitment to meet provincial density targets and find a complete range of housing solutions for our diverse and rapidly expanding city."

Quick Facts
  • The relocation will add 50 new retail jobs to the retail store. It would also make approximately four million square feet available for redevelopment of the existing site into new homes and other uses, creating approximately 2,000 construction jobs.
  • The Planning Act authorizes the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to make zoning orders for regulating the use of land and the location, use, height, size and spacing of buildings and structures. This zoning order was requested, and has the support of the retailer, Vaughan City Council and York Region Council.
  • To encourage the construction of more rentals, the government has allowed development charges for rental housing to be paid over a five-year period instead of up front.
  • Urbanation’s research has shown that there were 17,082 new purpose-built rentals submitted for approvals in the Greater Toronto Area – a 43 per cent increase from 2018.