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Sep 28, 2011
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There is a twin 60 & 61 storey tower proposal in Niagara Falls expected to go through today.

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I like the design, but how many more hotel rooms can Niagara handle? Maybe there is demand for higher-end product?
Niagara Falls may end up having a top 5 skyline in Canada. From the article above:

Niagara Falls' tallest buildings

Rainbow Tower (proposed) – 59 storeys (230 metres)

Hotel at Niagara Falls Aviary site (proposed) – 61 storeys (229 m)

Hotel at Michael's Inn (proposed) – 60 storeys (222 m)

Hotel at Loretto Christian Life Centre (proposed) – 57 storeys (197 m)

Niagara Falls Hilton Tower 2 – 58 storeys (177 m)

Skylon Tower – 158 metres

Embassy Suites Hotel – 42 storeys (118 m)

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort – 32 storeys (111 m)

Sheraton Fallsview Hotel – 31 storeys (108 m)
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interesting... Can NF handle that amount of new rooms? hard to say. Now that we have a legitimate convention centre I'm sure that helps with demand throughout the year. I think with more of these corporate brands adding rooms they take business away from the smaller independant hotels which then die off and the total available rooms will eventually balance back to a lower level... but still, this city is a ghost town in the winter months.

that Rainbow Tower proposal has been around forever and then we still have the unfinished / abandoned construction site for the former Crowne Plaza proposal.

anyways, like I said... interesting.
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This site is directly, and I do mean directly, adjacent to a stable low-rise residential neighbourhood to the north and west....
yep, I meant to mention that as well... not a very gradual step up to 60 storey's huh? from the second article it says there was not much public concerns over the development. Perhaps people are just not aware of it. For anyone not familiar with the area, this is far removed from the main cluster of towers above the falls. This is actually north of the Rainbow Bridge.
That's an immense project. I'm surprised it's getting such easy acceptance, though I sort of like Niagara Falls' development into a more major destination. The Michael's Inn has kind of a cool Miami Beach feel to it, at least from the outside, so I'll be a bit sad to see it gone.
Any updates on construction for this project? The last news release last year stated it will be "at least a year" before construction starts.

It has now been a year and I hope and expect that the official construction beginning on the Racetrack in Fort Erie will help give the developers the confidence they need to add hotel space to Niagara Falls.

65,000+ seat speedway should greatly increase the demand for quality hotel rooms nearby.