^I'm not so sure if any of that cash will include renovating the Niagara station however. That thing needs a complete overhaul, and I have yet to hear rumblings of them putting any cash towards enhancing it.

But anyways that's a discussion for another day, i'm getting carried away here.
You know something is disproportional when the skyline of Niagara Falls, ON is more impressive than that of nearby Buffalo, NY. To be fair, tourists would rather visit Niagara Falls, ON over Buffalo.
Old article for a potential redevelopment the Travelodge on River Road with some impact to Bird Kingdom. I didn't see it in the database.

Partners Hunter Milborne, Andrzej Kepinski, Ralph Terrio and Dan Raseta, working together as Niagara Global Development Limited, have collaborated with consultants B + H Architects, PCL and MMM Group for the Niagara Falls hotel project with the working name River Road Niagara Falls Luxury Resort.
The project will see a pair of luxury highrise hotels, 61 and 60 storeys tall, along with such other amenities as high-end retail and restaurants, a 25,000-square-foot spa, conference support facilities, entertainment, observation decks and even a chapel, built near downtown in the River Road, Hiram Street and Blondin Avenue district.
Currently on the site, owned by the developers, is a Travelodge hotel — formerly the Michael’s Inn — and a thriving attraction, Bird Kingdom, which is said to be the world’s largest free-flying aviary. Bird Kingdom will be incorporated into the new project, Terrio said.

Project round-up from yesterday giving it a construction price tag of $700M.

This project is deader than a doornail from my understanding.

It has as much chance of being built as any other 50 floor residential project in Niagara Falls: note this is not a positive statement.

I mostly found the cost-estimate interesting as it's equal to what you mind find in Toronto for a similarly sized project.