I wish they have a decent landscape plan/landscaping for the project as well.


It really needs architectural lighting. Since this building will be part of the school of architecture, I'm hoping they'll do something special with the lighting, like using different tones of light for different architectural features, for instance. That a landmark like this one which is a terminating vista could go without architectural lighting for so long is hard to believe.
Yup, as an aside, their current home at 230 College will be the new student union. I really hope they would open the 3rd floor view to the public, if only during Doors Open - the way it was mentioned in the Star made it sound super amazing.

Now I wish I'd have spent more time shooting the interior, it was quite unique.

Tearing down that ugly, overgrown fence around most of the perimeter of the 'island' will do wonders, making the building more accessible.

I wonder if they'll instal some sort of crossing area since it's surrounded by streetcar tracks. Although if the grounds are cleaned up and brush removed you should be able to see one coming more easily.

Addition looks great, will go a long way for this sad stretch.
I've never seen the interior so I can't say but as a gothic revival or what not building isn't the interior, however cool, a little lacking in natural light for architecture and design spaces? Is there any plan to increase the amount of light in the building through the installation of skylights etc?

No indication of roof changes for the heritage building proper, so my guess is no. I would imagine they will be using the wing mainly for faculty offices though.