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Feb 5, 2021
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If demolition and rebuild isn't in the cards, this is next option. They accomplished a lot given the money spent. It's broken up that city block sized wall with a different colour, different texture, and some visual interest. The quality of materials is decent and the use of a lighter colour palette was a good choice.

That said, can we not have something more elaborate and luxurious on the Mink Mile? Compared to the Halladie Building in San Francisco this looks bare bones. Are we ever going to see a return of ornamentation? If we do, surely this is the place to do it.
Couldnt agree more. But Im just thinking of how costly , laborious, and time consuming it'd be to demolish such a thick concrete bunker. Look at how long it took to demolish the Grand Hotel on Jarvis which has a much smaller footprint.