No one said anything about illegal. However, this is absolutely unprofessional and absolutely creates a toxic work environment. It's not ridiculous to ask that women should be able to work without seeing porn plastered on the walls. Men too, for that matter. If I was a gay construction worker (especially a guy in the closet, or at least not open about it in such a hyper-masculine environment), I'd find this discomforting. If this wouldn't pass muster in a cubicle or a store, how does it in a construction site?

Again, the people defending this as just reality, men being men, false outrage etc., should be ashamed.
we get your point, but I respectfully disagree. this hyper sensitivity and political correctness is what brought us Trump, Ford, etc.
Now, can we please bring this thread back on topic?
This is not right place for this kind of a discussion.
I’m sure those are there because a couple guys are just overcompensating and insecure with their sexuality and working in the village brings that to the foreground for them.

Quite possibly, we all overcompensate...

I'm guessing this isn't serious? Because there's absolutely no way this is serious. If there are women on this job they would also have hard hats and boots so I would edit to add something to indicate it's a joke...and if it's not? Jesus....

Maybe it’s the women in hard hats and construction boots who put the photos up? Don’t be sexist or Cis biased.

If you have a problem with this, why not speak with the site foreman first , as opposed to posting it in here for public consumption - since you don't necessarily have context for what you saw. I agree that you are probably correct in what you are assuming, but you also don't know for sure, and that can sometimes lead to incorrect assumptions, no matter how unlikely the alternative may be.

Because it’s all about virtue signalling. Not about actually doing something about the perceived problem.
lighten up and try to judge others a little less. This is getting too ridiculous these days. these poor construction workers are doing nothing illegal. if you don't agree with their actions, it's kind of your problem.

These "lighten up" and "doing nothing illegal" statements trying to justify a "boys will be boys" attitude are exactly what is wrong the older generation and certain fringes of our society. The inability for people at large to understand how smaller incidents such as this one factor into the grander scheme of things leads to instances of rape, sexual harassment and prevent women from being taken seriously in professional environments. The people on this site (physically and online) perpetuating this behaviour should be ashamed and should go get educated about the issues faced by marginalized communities.

Particular LOL at whoever tried to explain this incident away as "Women know men watch porn". WTF am i reading.
if you look closely at the pics, all those women are wearing clothes and they don't look any different than clothing stores adds. so it's not porn and should not offend anyone but it's really unprofessional to put pics of some random women up there.

now please come back to the building.
"Boys being boys" does not lead to rape, any more than "girls being girls" leads to cruel psychological bullying. You are conflating pathological behavior with traditional gender differences. Rape is rare in western culture, almost non-existent on Campus according to female students. Violence against men is much more commonplace.
And as we know, women re not marginalized in Western society. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

Maybe if you re-read my sentence, you will see that I said the "inability of people to understand these concepts leads to instances of rape and sexual assault" IE: when people don't understand the idea of sexual consent, such as what is acceptable and appropriate (things like touching, stopping when asked or completely assuming sex is on the menu), this does indeed lead to rape and sexual assault.

Moreover, you seem to have a oversimplified concept of rape, it isn't just some stranger in an alley looking to jump you...and it is NOT rare at all. It is unfortunately under-reported because of the stigma, shame and lack of resources / confidence in the system to seek justice and damages. Women might not be marginalized but if someone doesn't at the very least think the photos are unprofessional in the workplace then I'm not sure if they can even relate to any other communities who have not had history on their side.

Anyways back to the topic
This has gone as far off topic as it's going to. Back to Wellesley on the Park discussion.
Someone made a similar comment on the Massey Tower thread, about how it doesn't really stand out in the skyline as they would have hoped.

I think Wellesley on the Park will be similar. The tower component at least. The podium is stunning.