As the capital of the Province of Quebec, Quebec City sits at the heart of a metropolitan area home to 800,000 residents. Over the past 15 years, the biotechnology, manufacturing, and tourism industries have greatly contributed to the region's economic dynamism, which further supported the area's demographic growth. To answer the relative pressure that the increasing population is putting on the local real estate market, the post-war suburb of Sainte-Foy, southeast of Quebec City's downtown, is gradually being transformed into a dense, mixed-use, and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood. 

Le Phare de Quebec looking towards downtown Quebec City, image via Le Groupe Dallaire

At the heart of the Sainte-Foy Plateau, where most of the growth is happening, the Groupe Dallaire is currently negotiating with the city about the construction of a four-building complex, intended to become the symbol of the area's urban regeneration. Named Le Phare de Quebec — Quebec's Lighthouse — the project is set to rise at the corner of Boulevard Laurier and Avenue Lavigerie and consist of four towers, the first three ranging from 20 to 30 floors in height, while the fourth tower will stand 65 storeys above the intersection. At 288 metres high, Le Phare de Quebec will become the tallest building east of Toronto. 

Le Phare de Quebec, image via Le Groupe Dallaire

While the $600 million (CAD) project is currently expected to break ground in the fall of 2016, it will take approximately a decade to complete. By 2026, a mix of 1000 residential dwellings housing more than 2500 residents, a 300-room hotel, as well as office and commercial spaces will bring life to what has been a desolate corner since the demolition of the Auberge des Gouverneurs in 2014. The tallest of the complex's warped glass towers will feature retail and office spaces within its first 17 storeys, followed by the hotel and residences on top. Finally, the four towers and their respective podiums will frame a new public plaza, to be situated at the heart of the complex. 

The proposed public plaza at Le Phare de Quebec, image via Le Groupe Dallaire

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