Currently rising within Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood just outside of downtown, The Duke is a soon-to-be-completed, 14-storey, 201-unit, rental apartment tower. Set to bring an influx of density into the Broadway/Kingsway Transit Corridor, the Edgar Development project is scheduled for completion in mid-2017. Located just a few blocks south of the busy crossroads of Broadway, Main, and Kingsway at 333 E 11th Avenue in an area that has become synonymous with mid-rise development, The Duke is part of the neighbourhood's ongoing evolution as single-family homes, often dating back to the early 20th century, continue to give way to large-scale redevelopment. 

The Duke, image via Edgar Development

In the 16 months since construction began, The Duke has almost reached its full height, and the nearly topped-off tower is already an imposing figure amid the local landscape. The development's prominent position along Kingsway will provide north-facing residents with a commanding view of the downtown skyline.

The Duke, under construction, image by Forum contributor Roundabout

To be grounded by a 4,925-square-foot retail space and made unique via the inclusion of a sizeable public art component that will run down the side of the tower, The Duke is set to become a showpiece development along the rapidly rising Kingsway Corridor.

The Duke, alternate view, image by Forum contributor Roundabout

Made all the more intricate thanks to the diagonal street grid to which The Duke now belongs, the project includes a series of unusual angles and other architectural idiosyncrasies, which allow the building to fit the site while creating as many of the coveted skyline views as possible. 

The Duke, public art component, image via Edgar Development

With an influx of at least 300 residents, the new development will work to enliven the local streetscape, a process that will be aided by the subsequent opening of the related ground-floor retail space. 

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