Ten months since our last update, and progress at the Art Deco-inspired One Bennett Park has been swift, the 70-storey luxury condo tower now topped off with its signature precast cladding not far behind. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, a city renowned for its world-class architecture, the Robert A.M. Stern-designed One Bennett Park is completely at home. 

One Bennett Park, Art Deco detail work underway, image by Forum contributor harryc

Standing at 800 feet, the 70-storey luxury residential tower certainly makes a statement, the future home for 279 upscale apartments and 69 condominiums packaged together in a precast Art Deco skin that plays nicely off the architectural fabric of the surrounding skyline. 

One Bennett Park, standing tall at 70 storeys, image by Forum contributor harryc

Comprised of a countless number of precast concrete panels (the subject of a previous related story), the facade of the tower has been put into place panel by panel, thereby creating a custom finish reminiscent of the architectural heritage of decades past. 

Precast podium adding some Art Deco flair to the streetscape, image by Forum contributor harryc

Down at street level, the multi-level podium base and amenity pavilion spreads beyond the footprint of the tower, passersby treated to a close-up view of the magnificent detail work on display. 

One Bennett Park, from the Chicago River, image by Forum contributor harryc

Abutting the base of the tower, the development will also include a sizeable public realm element, in the form of a new, two-acre urban park designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh of Brooklyn Bridge Park Fame in New York. Thus a prime example of what in architectural terms can be understood as complete design, One Bennett Park harkens to a bygone era of skyscraper design that sought to elevate the urban environment at every level. 

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